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Choose from a wide variety of fence types from Bloomington Fence! When you contact us for new fence installation, you can select from:
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fence offers many benefits

Whichever material you choose, installing a new fence offers many benefits including:

  • Security. Installing a new fence provides fundamental protection for your property. Besides keeping unwanted visitors out, a fence ensures that children and pets will remain on your property. It makes your back yard a private recreational space and safe haven for kids to play. In addition, a fence enables your pets to spend time outside off-leash.
  • Ensures privacy. With a new, quality fence around your yard, you’ll be able to relax outdoors with family and friends during the warmer months in a more secluded, private setting.
  • New fencing helps establish boundaries. We find property pins so your property has clear and legal boundaries. There’s no longer a need to guess where, precisely, your responsibility for maintenance ends. Using a fence to set a boundary in between neighboring properties clears up any potential confusion.
  • Enhance property value and curb appeal with a new fence. Residential properties that have quality, well-maintained fencing typically sell for a higher price than similar home that do not have a fence. This may not seem like a significant issue presently, but it can become more important in the event that you choose to put your property on the real estate market at some time in the future.

As a leader in the fencing industry throughout Central Illinois, Bloomington Fence offers top-quality custom fence solutions that match any style and budget. Our team can help you choose a type of fence that fulfills your needs. With our 40+ years of installation experience, you can depend on good results!

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